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    About Me

    Finding Balance
    Life as a single mom and small business owner comes with its unique set of challenges. Like many, I've faced moments of doubt and have been trapped in the procrastination loop.

    Passion for Excel
    From an early age, Excel has been my companion. It’s been the tool by my side during highs and lows, helping me organize and plan.

    Turning Point
    Facing the dual challenges of a divorce and raising children while kickstarting my business was overwhelming. It was then I decided a change was imminent.

    Birth of a Solution
    Distractions were aplenty, and I needed a way to streamline. Using my expertise in Excel, I designed a series of intricate spreadsheets tailored to bring clarity and structure.

    Sharing the Gift
    My journey led to the creation of tools that brought order to my life. I believe in their power, and I'm eager to share them with others seeking the same balance.

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