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Ultimate Plant Care & health Tracker Spreadsheet

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Life-changer! This tracker rocks! Easy to use, keeps me on track, and I'm seeing amazing progress. 5 stars for sure!


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Ultimate Plant Care & health Tracker Spreadsheet

Even the most experienced plant enthusiast will tell you that keeping plants healthy and alive can be difficult, especially with the more finicky varieties.

There’s a reason that there’s an entire profession simply dedicated to gardening.

It requires patience, finesse, and a comprehensive knowledge of the plants that you’re working with.

Trust me, it’s anything but simple!

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to simply look things up on the Internet.

There are plenty of sites out there that can tell you everything that you need to know about raising plants. The tricky part, however, is keeping track of the various needs of all your different varieties.

It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re raising plants that require completely different care regimens.

That’s where my Plant Tracker can save the day.

Think of it as a shortcut to becoming a green thumb!


My Plant Tracker not only keeps a database of all of your plants, but also provides you quick reference to several important aspects of plant care, such as:

  • Watering interval

  • Lighting interval

  • Soil type

  • Temperature

  • Plant age


The tracker can also remind you of common issues that you need to watch out for with each plant.


All you need to do on your end is tell the spreadsheet what plants you have and what sort of care is needed. A summary page for each plant gives you a quick and easy snapshot of everything you could need to know about that particular variety, complete with a picture. This saves you from having to do a Google search each time you need to brush up on a certain plant.


Once you’ve input all of the required data, the Plant Tracker will remind you which plant needs water, light, or both, as well as when they need it. And by clicking a simple checkbox each time you tend to that plant, the sheet will automatically track that plant’s status so that you don’t have to keep a mental checklist of what’s been done and what needs doing.


For example, if a certain plant needs water every two days, the sheet will let you know whenever it needs to be watered. And if you miss a day, that plant’s status will change accordingly, letting you know if it needs urgent care.


If you’re cultivating dozens of plants, my Plant Tracker can save you from a massive headache. If you’re working with even more than that, it’s an absolute must-have. 


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Does the sheet come pre-loaded with information?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You wouldn’t want a spreadsheet loaded with plants you don’t own and information you can’t use. However, looking up the information you need and putting it in the document couldn’t be easier!


I raise and sell plants for a living. Will this help me?

Absolutely! There are several fields dedicated solely to selling plants. You’ll be able to track how much you initially bought the plant for, how much you sold it for, and how much you’ve spent taking care of it.


Will this keep my plants alive?

Well, it won’t water them for you, but it will definitely remind you when to do it. A good way to use the sheet is to carry it on a mobile device, so you can check the plants off as you tend to them. That way you’re sure everything is up to date and accurate.

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